SKH Chi Fu Chi Nam Primary School




  • To boost students’ confidence in using English.
  • To cater for learner diversity and foster the development of a broader range of literacy skills.
  • To help students develop into independent self-motivated learners by raising students’ interest and widening students' learning space.
  • To enhance students' language proficiency with rich learning experiences.


Characteristics of the School-based Curriculum


  1. NET programme

Using a set of revised text sets and activities designed by school teachers and NETs, students can acquire effective strategies to enhance their language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.


  1. Reading across the Curriculum (RaC) and Home Reading Scheme

Students are encouraged to appreciate the value of reading through introducing them to different text sets through lessons. Teachers also assign fiction or non-fiction e-books to the students through RazPlus platform so that the reading habits can be nurtured gradually.


  1. Catering for Learning Diversity

To cater learner diversity, different activities are organized by school teachers and NETs. Our school provides various ECAs including Reading Club, English Language & Movies and English Ambassadors. Therefore, students’ potentials can be unleashed. Apart from the ECAs, graded learning materials based on their learning needs are prepared so that no children will be left behind at school.



Group Writing about Festivals


Festive Products-Mid-Autumn Festival


Festive Products - Chung Yeung Festival


P.5 STEM activity


P.6 STEM  activity


ECAs-STEM activity